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    [Accepted]PandaGamer Aplication for Elements



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    [Accepted]PandaGamer Aplication for Elements

    Post by PandaGamer92 on Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:07 am

    Name: Alberto Pontes
    Age: 20 (31/12/1992)
    Country: Portugal

    Main Char (Lvl/Job):

    81 Beginner/ 133 Lumi

    IGN/Lvl/Job of Chars you are playing or played:

    ThrivingFrog - 81 - Beginner // lePandaGamer - 133 - Lumi

    For how long have you been playing Maple:

    I've been playing maple for like 7 years

    How you know Elements:

    Maybe 3 years ago i met Patrick and he invited me to Elemetns then for some personal reasons i went afk and now that i'm back i found Pat again and i wold love to join you guys once again <3

    Do you know someone in Elements:

    Patrick and maybe more if they still remember me xD

    Why do you want to Join Elements:

    Because i was a element and now that i'm back i wold love to be one again

    How many hours you play per day/week:

    I work at an animation school so i just log on at night and stay +/- 4/5h and in the weekends i stay 6/7h

    What time are you usually online (Maple time/CEST):

    After 9pm and in the weekends i log in wen i wake up x) 3pm (hehehe)

    What do you think of hacking/dupping/scamming:

    I don't like it at all it takes of the fun of the game

    Why should we let you join Elements:

    I was Fire and i'm back from the ashes like a phoenix

    Tell us something about yourself:

    I love having fun i had some problems but i'm over it and now i just wanna enjoy life and maple is one way of making me have fun with friends

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    Re: [Accepted]PandaGamer Aplication for Elements

    Post by ZakDoritos on Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:06 am

    Hey Alberto, nice that you wanna join again and good to see your back <3 Very Happy

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    Re: [Accepted]PandaGamer Aplication for Elements

    Post by JazzDufresne on Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:35 am

    Hmm I do remember the name Alberto! Not sure about who you are tho. What ign's did you have on your chars?

    Welcome Back Tho ! Smile


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    Re: [Accepted]PandaGamer Aplication for Elements

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