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For the people who didnt introduce yourself yet. Introduce Yourself!!!!




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    Post by Onkel on Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:43 am

    Name: Patrick
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Current Main Char (Lvl/Job): xOnkel (lvl 70 xenon)

    IGN/Lvl/Job of Chars you are playing or played:
    + Onkel (Cleric lvl 134) ,
    + OnkelExplore (Asassin lvl 50)
    + Onyo (Aran lvl 59)
    + Onkal (Dual Blade lvl 45)

    For how long have you been playing Maple: ive played maple since 2009 so yeah im pretty oldschool

    How you know Elements: my main (Onkel) was previously a member until i quitted "mapling" but my prevous main is still a junior in elementary.

    Do you know someone in Elements: hmm.. its been a long time so the only person i remember is ZakDoritos (pat) and bow2me

    Why do you want to Join Elements: because i like everything about it! spent alot of time gpqing with u guys

    How many hours you play per day/week: maybe 5-10hrs a week..

    What time are you usually online (Maple time/CEST): weekends: 12.00- 19.00/

    What do you think of hacking/dupping/scamming: learned from my mistakes.. never again! + a real time waste! never got caught tho! and dont worry, it was a fake account (2010)

    Why should we let you join Elements: because i want to come back and meet the new pepole in the guild, ive been away for a long time

    Tell us something about yourself:
    m a hobby skater, "music producer" and used to do grafitti..
    im pretty outgoing (if its correctly spelled) and love meeting new pepole, i have a pretty wierd sence of humor, and mess arround ALOT! but serious when i have to be.
    i LOVE music, all types eccept for industrial music, i dont understand why its a genra.. but thats my opinion.

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    Re: [Accepted]xOnkel

    Post by GaryBetram on Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:10 am

    Heya Onkel, kinda remember ur name from old times, thats why I whisped you after seeing your smega. Welcome back!!!


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    Re: [Accepted]xOnkel

    Post by ZakDoritos on Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:36 am

    Welcome Back Pat <3

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    Re: [Accepted]xOnkel

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