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    [Accepted]Sandy aka Sillyfools/BiscuitEater


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    [Accepted]Sandy aka Sillyfools/BiscuitEater

    Post by Sandybaws on Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:40 am

    Main Char
    Name : BiscuitEater
    Level :150
    Job : Xenon

    Lvl/Job of Chars you are playing or played:

    For how long have you been playing Maple:
    So long but i quit many times.
    I can't remember how many years.
    but i remember green apple overall tutorial

    How you know Elements:
    Charley (DevilBishop) introduced me to this guild.

    Do you know someone in Elements:
    Garry (PokeMeplz)
    Patrick (Zakdoritos)
    and Garry (Spreadz)

    Why do you want to Join Elements: I've been in this guild before and this is the best guild ever !

    How many hours you play per day/week: Depend on my work hours and free times Sad

    What time are you usually online (Maple time/CEST):
    not sure Razz

    What do you think of hacking/dupping/scamming:

    Hacker are really bad player. If they want to use these method to become strong, they should quit the game.
    Scammer are worst kind of player.

    Why should we let you join Elements: I want to have fun with you guys. It's hard to find a good guild with friendly people like this. Smile

    Tell us something about yourself: My name is Sandy.I might not be able to play much because of my work time . I'll try to online when i can Razz
    I'm friendly and enthusiastic. I like to ask many things, Price Check and etc. I can be really annoying sometime Razz
    (I don't like to share my personal information please don't ask me)
    Thanks <3

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    Re: [Accepted]Sandy aka Sillyfools/BiscuitEater

    Post by JazzDufresne on Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:25 pm

    Sandy! Smile

    For Gary and Pat: I invited Sandy's Xenon to union yesterday. It was lvl 150 so put in main guild.

    She's been an Elements member for years so i thought there was like no discussion :p

    Welcome Back Sandy! Smile

    Btw Sandy. Make an introduction on this forum plox :3


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    Re: [Accepted]Sandy aka Sillyfools/BiscuitEater

    Post by GaryBetram on Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:12 pm

    Haha u are right simon <333 and Welcome back Sandy <333
    But ehh spreadz is Andrew Razz
    Topic locked.


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    Re: [Accepted]Sandy aka Sillyfools/BiscuitEater

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