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    [Accepted]victor/XGuinnessX of elements



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    [Accepted]victor/XGuinnessX of elements

    Post by XGuinnessX on Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:08 am

    Main Char (Lvl/Job):
    IGN/Lvl/Job of Chars you are playing or played:i have 18 caracter and olso for skillink ect. and just try them i plaing alot of them but XGuinnessX the most for now my xenon til lv 150 but then il go with evan to 170 and byond xd

    For how long have you been playing Maple:i think about 6 years

    How you know Elements: wel patrick or andrew introduced me its a long time ago xd

    Do you know someone in Elements:yes simon, cuddiebear, patrick ,andrew(spread)and more but forget the name xdxd

    Why do you want to Join Elements:wel i think its like 5 years of loyalty now in elements i wil never leave ellements

    How many hours you play per day/week:its diferent because patrick no i am in the royal dutch navy and somtings i am gone for 4 months but always play if i come back and i wanna play it everyday but i have a girlfriend so wel you no how it somtime works

    What time are you usually online (Maple time/CEST):not in the mooring to early xd first sleeping out of playing maplestory for so late xdand then il try to play the whole day

    What do you think of hacking/dupping/scamming:wel i hate it my account is 1 time hacked and never again

    Why should we let you join Elements:wel i am in elements xd so wel i make sontimes funny jokes and want to help everyone in the guild

    Tell us something about yourself:my name is victor kraa i live in the netherlands my favorite caracter is evan is olso my main caracter lv150 the name is XGuinnessX and i have a phantom that calls phantomhive and dual blader painsama and i have xenon name xendron.
    my age is now 21 and i work in the royal dutch navy i am gameaddict hobby`s playing guitar, snowboarding, longboarding, and chilling. xd
    if you wanna  no more just ask me
    i wil always support the ellements its the best guild i ever hade in my life only some people dont reconized that because of the great big bang(gugh)everyone leaved and olso from the hackers i miss them all.
    king regards your evan warior in ellements victor/XGuinnessX150 evan XGuinnessX


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    Re: [Accepted]victor/XGuinnessX of elements

    Post by GaryBetram on Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:50 pm

    Haha Victor you didnt need to make a appliction xD
    U are already in guild Razz
    Well see you around mate.



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    Post by XGuinnessX on Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:24 pm

    welya i never had a forum acount on elements xd so now i have xd hahahahah ya indeed jocolor hehe see you around gaaaryyyyyy xd xdxd

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    Re: [Accepted]victor/XGuinnessX of elements

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